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WIN Investing - Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions - How the program works

  1. To earn a commission, all that needs to happen is the following: You refer a person to us. If they are not already on our database, they will be assigned as your referral. After they book on to one of our paid courses and paid in full, you will receive your commission in approximately 45 days. Your commission with be paid to you either via bank transfer or cheque.

  2. When a person first joins the WIN Investing database, their affiliate is assigned solely and automatically based on the invitation that they used to enrol. We realise that several affiliates may have encouraged the person to enrol, and as we cannot possibly judge whose influence was the greatest, we use this as the fairest system.

  3. If a participant cancels their training or a refund is given for any reason, then no commission will be paid.

  4. For your own personal training, you will not be paid a commission – that goes to the person who referred you.

  5. The commission that you earn for each of our different courses is shown in the tables below. When you first join our affiliate program you will automatically be a Silver level affiliate. This level is free to join and you can then earn commissions on all of our paid courses as shown.

    You also have the option to upgrade to higher commission levels as and went you wish. By doing this you can increase your earning power. There is a one off fee to upgrade, if you decide you want to do this. From the date the upgrade fee is paid, for all new referrals you introduce after this date, you will be paid at the relevant higher commission levels.

    All Commission Tables

    Property Commission Table

    Level Joining Fee Free Property Event 3 Day Property Training Advanced Property Training
      ***** What you get paid *****
    SILVER0 0 150 150
    GOLD300 5 300 300
    PLATINUM450 10 450 450

    Stock Commission Table

    Level Joining Fee Free Stock Event 3 Day Stock Training Advanced Stock Training
      ***** What you get paid *****
    SILVER0 0 150 150
    GOLD300 5 300 300
    PLATINUM450 10 450 450

    Build Your Wealth Commission Table

    Level Joining Fee Build Your Wealth Event Build Your Wealth - Advance Training
      ***** What you get paid *****
    SILVER0 0 125
    GOLD300 4 200
    PLATINUM450 7 250

  6. You need to have a reliable email account and access to the internet, as we will email you login instruction when you join. Also you will be able to track progress of all your referrals online, so that you always know you have been paid correctly.

  7. WIN Investing may amend or terminate the Affiliate Program, in part or in its entirety, at any time.

  8. WIN Investing will apply every effort to keep its website current and operational. However, technical difficulties may arise from time to time, resulting in temporary service interruptions. WIN Investing will not be held responsible for such interruptions and any subsequent loss of Affiliate commissions.

  9. WIN Investing reserves the right to withdraw any Affiliate from this program if they wilfully abuse the integrity of this program or if they have brought the name of WIN Investing into disrepute.

Your Responsibilities

  1. As you can appreciate, any materials we supply to you with are copyright protected and cannot be duplicated without express written permission from WIN Investing. Anything created outside of these materials must be approved by us prior to use. This includes, but is not limited to newspaper ads, newsletters, banners, e-mail promotions, websites, BLOGs, Forums, newsgroups and audio and video media. Violation of this will result in suspension of your Affiliate account. Persistent abuse will result in termination of our affiliate relationship.

  2. By joining this affiliate program, you are authorizing Win Investing LLP to contact you via email and any other means. This is required so that we can email your affiliate account activate details to you and communicate with you as an affiliate.

  3. Under no circumstances can affiliates register domain names using any of our associated brand names to market our services. Registering domain names with variants of Darren Winters’s name, Win Investing, Win Property Investing, Build Your Wealth or any related brand is a breach of Affiliate Program terms and conditions.

  4. Any published material such as websites to promote your Build Your Wealth or Free Stock Market or Property invitations using our copyright material must CLEARLY show the nature of your relationship with WIN Investing to be that of an independent Affiliate. Any attempt to “pass off” your website, business or yourself as representing WIN Investing in any other capacity is a serious breach of Affiliate Program terms and conditions.

Please note that we actively monitor the search engines, community websites etc in order to vigorously protect our brands and enforce these terms and conditions.

Any breach of the program terms and conditions may result in the suspension of your Affiliate account with us. Persistent abuse or ongoing failure to correct a breach will result in termination of our Affiliate relationship.

The aim of the affiliate program

We want to reward you for telling others about the WIN Investing training courses – people who aren’t yet involved. An effective way to do this is using the tools we provide to market to anyone you know (e.g. friends, family, relatives, work colleges, club members, church members) and any database that you may have (e.g. your database of prospects, clients and affiliates)

Also any creative marketing ideas or ideas that are unique to your skills or clients can work very well. You’ll be surprised at how much you can earn from this.

Things that don’t work well, are trying to ride on the back of specific marketing campaigns that are already running. For example paying for Win Investing / Darren Winters related pay per click marketing would not be very productive and unlikely to earn you anything.

To make things easy for you, we have compiled a whole range of tools and marketing ideas that we know can produce excellent results (e.g. ready written emails, web links etc). Once you become an affiliate, you can access all of these tools when you log into the WIN Investing affiliate centre.

We look forward to welcoming you to our affiliate team and wish you great success.

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