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Almost £3000 in 4 months

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Support When You Need it

We want you to be as successful as possible as a WIN Investing affiliate, so weíll help you in whatever way we can.

Whether itís marketing, technical or just help getting started, weíre here for you. Our affiliate support is available by either phone or">

As an affiliate you have access to all the resources in the WIN Investing Affiliate Centre. Here youíll find a range of highly effective marketing tools that you can use straight away.

With each marketing tool, there are simple step-by-step instructions on how to use it to get the best results. If you need any extra help you can either call or email our affiliate support.

If you have a group of friends that you want to introduce, or you have a list of customers and are wondering the best way to marketing to them Ė contact our affiliate support and we can help you.

Also within the Affiliate Centre we have a frequently asked questions section, which can be very useful when getting started.

On the technical side, our in house I.T. team are constantly monitoring and improving the Affiliate Centre to check everything runs smoothly.

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Why promote WIN Investing?

Market leader for 8 years: For 8 years Win Investing continues to be the top wealth training company in the UK, having trained over 250,000 people across our range of courses.
Best courses: Our stock market and property training courses have been awarded best in the UK, 2006, 2007 and 2008. We provide the highest quality training with the most effective wealth creation strategies.
Best instructors: We have the best instructors in the country, all successful investors, who have mastered our wealth strategies and teach courses exclusively for us.
We Believe in helping others: The more successful we become, the more people we can help. We have already provided 100ís of scholarship places on our training courses and were a main sponsor of the UK childrenís discovery camp. Weíre now aiming to raise as much money as we can to help support a range of childrenís charities.
Highest Client satisfaction rating: For our free courses, 96.5% of attendees rate the information covered as “good or excellent” with the general feedback being that they were very glad they came to the event. For our paid courses, 89% rated the training as “very good to outstanding”.
Constantly developing new courses and products: We are always adding to our range of market leading ‘wealth’ training courses and products. This means you have more opportunities to earn commissions from existing and new referrals.

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What if I donít have a website?

You donít need to have a website, to be a successful affiliate. There are many different ways that you can earn commissions and refer people to our courses.

Use the Quick Referrals form in the Affiliate Centre to send us details of anyone (e.g. friends, family, relatives, work colleges, club members, church members etc.) who you think would be interested to hear about one of our free award winning courses.

Weíll then do all the work to entice them to a free event and then onto a paid course, which means you earn your commission.
Send an email invitation to people you know, inviting them to come to our free training courses (in the Affiliate Centre there are prewritten emails you can use). This could be to just your friends and contact or to your client list if you have one.

Everyone who clicks on the link in your email will be taken to our event information / registration page and tracked as coming from you, so that you earn your commission.
Add an email signature to your emails, so that whenever you email anyone they will see at the bottom of your email a link inviting them to attend one of our free events. If they click on the link, which takes them to our website, they are tracked as coming from you.
Network about our courses on Facebook and MySpace pages. Tell people about how you enjoyed the course and what benefits you got. You could even produce a short video of your experience. When they click on your unique affiliate link, you can earn commission when they book on one of our paid courses.
Post to relevant bulletin boards and forums including your unique affiliate link.
Set up your own website, as nowadays itís very quick and easy to do. For a great all in one solution go to
Post articles to websites that accept them, remembering to include your unique affiliate link. Check the WIN Investing Affiliate Centre for articles that we provide or write your own about your experience on one of our courses and how it benefited you.
Start a blog. Itís very easy to do and a lot of fun. You can get a free blog at For those of you who havenít yet been to our Build Your Wealth event, we cover blogs in more detail there.

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